SHOP767 launches in Dominica

Online Business & E-Commerce Platform Launches in Dominica Access767 presents the release of SHOP767.NET – its online shopping and e-commerce platform. SHOP767 which is the most advanced option available to businesses and customers on island, is a subscription based online website, and mobile app that is free to use by consumers. Access767 has partnered with local businesses such as the National Bank of Dominica Ltd. the DAIC, and FashionLine Stores, to drive and accelerate the adoption of e-commerce and digitization on island. The platform allows businesses & entrepreneurs of every size and type to digitize their sales and marketing functions by providing an enormous set of features for users, who can now order from any business on the platform including restaurants, farmers and stores for local pickup or delivery. Several local businesses have already started benefiting from these solutions, including Rendezvous Restaurant, Guiyave, FashionLine, Lisdara’s Fresh Cuts and more. Many new businesses will be onboarded in the coming weeks. Features include:
  • Native Mobile Apps for Android Devices(Download)
  • Product Recommendations using Artificial Intelligence
  • Frequently Viewed Items for repeat purchases
  • Wishlist
  • Product Comparison
  • inventory Control
  • Sales, Promotions and Coupons
  • Daily Sales & Flash Sales
  • Variable and Simple Products (e.g. sizes, colors, weights, varying product features etc.)
  • Comprehensive Reports and Statistics
Visit for a full list of features. Subscriptions for very small businesses start as low as $10 per month for up to 10 products and 5 listings (events, jobs, autos real estate etc.). Packages of $49 and $99 monthly are available for larger businesses looking to sell hundreds of products, such as clothing, grocery, computers & other retail products. Special pricing of $120 annually apply to restaurants of all sizes. The platform which is accessible to consumers and businesses received over 55,000 visits from more than 11,000 visitors and has already started taking orders for products, including daily lunch orders. Notes: aims to be so convenient that all businesses are able to use it; supporting every sector at a very detailed level including Real Estate, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, etc. all of which are able to offer deals, coupons, sales, events, jobs and other items. Another notable feature of the online and mobile platform is the ease of businesses being able to personalize their products and services to suit the requirements of their consumers. The platform is user friendly, providing consumers a variety of shopping options at their fingertips. Access767 is practically a virtual mall accessible to Dominican consumers, making shopping easy, convenient and timely; without the hassle of physical shopping. Access767 is an advanced, next generation Online Business and E-Commerce Platform for businesses and consumers here in Dominica. The platform, which is extremely comprehensive, has been in development over the last 24 months, converging multiple technologies (e-commerce, AI, Mobile Applications) and multiple industries into a one stop shop for any and everything, giving birth to the slogan – “Your Gateway to Everything”. The launch of ACCESS767 is the beginning of a movement to accelerate and support the digital transformation of Dominica’s small business sector, providing timely e-commerce solutions and allowing businesses of any size (small, medium and large enterprises) to continue to operate online. For further information and access to the platform, please contact us using email address or visit:
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